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Talent Management -

1. Talent development and cultivation

2. Talent acquisition

For the human resources innovation and establishment - a system of knowing people 


Talent development and training in line with the planning of talent exchange opportunities and development prospects in the Greater Bay Area


Master Ascent and Beijing Talent Consulting Agency (BJT) jointly created the “Know Yourself Assessment Program" to provide high-end talents with high-quality talent assessment plan for development in the local and foreign markets, so that corporate leaders can inherit corporate management grasp and cultivate talents to succession positions and talents can unleash their potential and establish superiority.


BJT puts forward the concept of talents and methodology, and fully implements the principle of “Assess, Interview, Presence and Identify (AIPI)" to the interview system. BJT and Master Ascent are working together to develop intelligent assessment tools to match the new normal systemic work and new manpower models in the future. Taking BJT founder Ji Yun's comments on the 14th Five-Year Plan, an "Inclusive Talent Assessment Follow-up Program” has been proposed based on the outline of the development plan of the Talent Assessment Center - we will be the pioneer!  Upgrading, transforming and expanding the local market for future human resources while integrating artificial intelligence technology would be a new model of human resources management.



Mr. Ji, the founder of BJT, is a senior interviewer in the School of Economics and Management of the best university in China. His "Multi-Dimensional and Multi-functional Talent Assessment" is created based on a large number of empirical studies in psychology and human resource management while combining the developer's international-level theoretical research and consulting experience from excellent international companies, and years of practical assessment experience. Companies can achieve the following goals by applying the "Multi-Dimensional and Multi-functional Talent Assessment":



  • Master a set of standard language describing talents' abilities and qualities;

  • Understand how to identify the key abilities and qualities of competent positions through job analysis;

  • Used in the recruitment process to improve the quality of recruitment;

  • Apply feedback to help employees further improve their abilities and qualities;

  • Used in team building to improve team efficiency;

  • Applied to career management to help employees achieve their career goals.


This is a systematic talent assessment tool. After the assessment, it comes with the evaluation which requires professional consultation, for problem solving as well as coaching.

Talent Management


Talent management program usually focuses on a small number of selected company employees (top 10%-20%), but as leadership members we should pay attention to the strengths and potentials of each employee. We suggest companies to let every employee participate in the Know Yourself Assessment Program so that each of them can unleash their potentials and contribute to the company.



Talent Acquisition

  • We are committed to looking for high-quality talents for customers in various industries, with knowledgeable talents and talent selection-the world's top talent pool ecosystem focuses on identifying and training key talents for succession planning with your business.

  • Continuously improve the recruitment engine and bring artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the recruitment process with reference to the needs of business changes. Use A.I. facial and voice recognition to analyze and predict the cultural fitness of specific roles to understand the strengths and weaknesses of talents, as well as the potential for further development.

  • Conduct structured and unstructured interviews, share personal abilities and potentials to attract and select suitable candidates through the actual experience of talents.

  • Motivate and attract new entrants in the appropriate direction, and help them understand the importance of their role to the organization, release their potential and manage their career growth and development.

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