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Senior Advisor

Boniface has over 30 years experience as senior executives for various financial institutions and banks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Jakarta.  He has sound knowledge and strong hands-on experience on payment and card related business.  He also has experience in  managing housing loan business.

The organizations that have worked include K & R International Limited (SVF License 007), China Yinsheng Finance (Holding) Limited (one of the biggest store-value card issuers in Hong Kong in 2014-2016), EPS Company Limited (the largest debit card network in Hong Kong that operates the EPS and PPS services), Industrial Bank Company Limited in Mainland China, Hang Seng Bank Limited both in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Bank of America in Hong Kong, Lippo Bank in Jakarta, MPC Card Centre in Bangkok and MasterCard International Inc. in Hong Kong. 

Boniface possess experience on bottom-line management and is strong in product management, project management, operation management and system development management.  In addition, he had solid  experience on new organizational and business set up.

In 2005, Boniface launched the first ever cartoon die-cut card in China, while in 2003, he facilitated the China UnionPay card acceptance business in Hong Kong and participated the launch of the first ever international credit card (Great Wall MasterCard) in China.  He also introduced and installed the first ever POS terminal in China.

Boniface holds a master's degree in business administration.

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