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Managing Director (Beijing)

Mr. Ji founded and registered the first headhunting consulting company in the Mainland China in March 1993 namely “Beijing Talent Consulting Agency” (Beijing Talent). He is known as the first headhunter in China.


Mr. Ji studied at the Beijing Dianli Gaodeng Zhuanke Xuexiao and Beijing Gangtie Xueyuan (now University of Science & Technology Beijing), studying thermal power equipment used in power plant and metallurgical machinery respectively. In 1992, he studied in Japan in a short-term period while in 1998 he was a graduate student in the Department of Psychology of Peking University where Beijing Talent assisted in establishment of the human resources graduate class in their Department.


Since graduating in 1981, Mr. Ji has been teaching at Dianli Gaodeng Zhuanke Xuexiao. He has 39 years of work experience, including 8 years in education and 28 years in human resources field, with more than 26 years of experience in headhunting. He is also a senior interviewer of the MBA admission of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University as well as a guidance expert in human resources management practice class and career development. Mr. Ji is a standing member of the Executive Search Committee of China Human Resources Association and deputy secretary-general of Beijing Human Resources Service Association.


Mr. Ji has solid experience in headhunting, talent assessment and career development consulting, especially in talent acquisition. He has established his own unique selection and evaluation system based on the intersection of science, experience, metaphysics and philosophy. This system consists of four major sessions: measuring, discussion, observing and diagnosis which deeply and clearly using tangible and intangible methods to comprehensively distinguish and recognize talents from inside and outside.

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